'Showdown' Lorylist | TV Commercial, GER 2019
Who pulls faster? Wild West themed TV commercial for an app
TONwerk - Die Zauberflöte | NL, GER 2018
Stylized short about 3 boys on the stage of the Nationale Opera & Ballet Amsterdam
Z-OFFICE - Feature Film | GER, 2017
One of the first German independent productions published on Amazon prime video. Z-OFFICE is a crazy over the top horror comedy and a hommage to good old low budget action flicks like Robocop, Dawn of the Dead Mad Max etc.
Main Title Design: Tangoborn Menclenty | USA, 2016
TANGOBORN MENCLENTY Main Title Design | USA, 2016
A tribute to the classic Monster/Invader movies from the late 1950s. Stop Motion, strings and painted laser effects are ubiquitous.
VFX work for the shortfilm The Last Sight
Treasure Chest of Horrors III Main Titles | USA, 2013
Title sequence for the 3rd installment of the Treasure Chest of Horrors Series (Dysmorphia). Inspired by Kyle Coopers Title Design of "Se7en"
THE LAST SIGHT - shortfilm | GER/USA, 2014
3 minute visual stunning short film. USA/GER
Retuching: AUDI The future Chauffeur | GER, 2014
The image was optimized by changing or removing several elements.
Trailer: to Jennifer | USA, 2013
I edited the trailer for 'to jennifer'
Trailer & Title Design: HATE CRIME (NSFW) | USA, 2013
trailer work for the found footage horror film 'Hate Crime'
Commercial 'SES Easy Fix' | GER, 2012
bike commercial with James Bond feeling
AE OCEAN based on 2D Layers - Experiment
Free AE Preset based on 2D Layers. No 3rd Party Plug Ins needed. CS 6+
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