Z-OFFICE | GER, 2017
directed by Douglas Stahl
(Release March 1st 2017, Amazon Video)
Z-OFFICE is a crazy over the top horror comedy and a hommage to good old low budget action flicks like Robocop, Dawn of the Dead Mad Max etc.

Zombie-Trash-Comedy. Germany, 1986 - Karl is fired after 14 years from his beloved office desk job and soon will be replaced by a modern computer. Meanwhile a weird disease is changing office employees into mindless aggressive undeads. To survive the working day Karl, Fred and young intern Lilly must fight back with everything they know: copying, stapling and storing...to death!

Directed by Douglas Stahl
Starring: Nikolai Will, Klaus Thiel-Klenner, Alexandra Schiller, Florian Simbeck (Erkan & Stefan).
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