'Tangoborn Menclenty'
directed by E. Grimes Michaels (Ted Michaels)
The Main Title Design tells the story of an Alien awareness traveling to earth. I did not want it to look like the typical subspace wormhole which you have seen in a million films before. The wormhole was designed transparent. It is shaky an some what out of control. The transparency let you see how the wormhole path wind it's way through planets and asteroids, almost causing a collision.
Made with After Effects, Element 3D, Particular. To fake a huge amount of space in between the planets and to give them more weight, the wormhole and the background were designed separately. Compared to the journey though the wormhole the planets had to move way slower towards the camera to tell a long distance.

The trick is, in the wormhole camera doesn't  move at all in the Z-axis. The wormhole is emitted via particular and shot towards the camera which rotates and shakes on the x and z axis. The rotation is then synced with the camera filming the planets and background. Same for the titles.
This technique saved a lot processing power and solved the distance/speed problem.
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